Raw and Relentless

Raw and Relentless

I looked at the blank canvas filled with fear…what will they think? What will they say? How will they judge me if I put a smudge and a smear of myself on this perfect white canvas? My muse whispered, “it’s only a canvas and nobody has to see it”. I know what is inside me must come out. The pain in my middle back and the migraines that haunt me incessantly are constant reminders of my lack of nurture to my own creative process. I slowly begin by choosing a few colors and start painting… smudging and smearing, dotting and lining, making shapes with all kinds of wonderful color…listening to music as I go just playing and having fun. Suddenly something inside me makes me take a step back and look at the mess I had made….”Oh no” I said to myself I must clean it up. I must find an image and commit to it fully. I must give up this playful and reckless abandon and commit commit commit. After all it would be the adult thing to do. I find a set of wings to work on and the pastel colors feel pretty good as I paint them wondering where I might take them next.  I work on them for a while as my desire to create fades and I become tired and bored. I begin thinking about what these wings might turn into? A butterfly? A fairy?  Perhaps I committed to soon. I begin thinking about who would like the wings if they were a butterfly and even worse, I begin thinking about who would buy... read more

Change your Destiny

We are in control of our destiny!! If we want to change, if we want to do something different, or be something different, then what are we waiting for?? It isn’t going to happen overnight, but if we stick with it, it WILL... read more

Ignite the Fire of Truth: Listen to Your Inner Voice

Integrity is the kindling and courage is the spark that ignites the fire of intuition. Joy and harmony are the fuels that keeps it continually burning. It dances and moves with the expression of truth. The fire of authenticity, and creativity burns freely when ego, judgements and limitations are left behind. VN:F [1.9.10_1130]Rating: +2 (from 2... read more

Trust…Spirit will Carry You

I’m Restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled up by the stars again.                                                                         ~Anias Nin As I sit out on my balcony above Sugarhouse I am so gratefully able to enjoy the cool breeze of the summer night air after the 104 degree day has set with the hot summer sun. I look to the west to contemplate the beautiful bright stars that I think are the two planets Venus and Jupiter.  Tonight they are closer together than they were last night, I have been making it a point to watch them every night. Just knowing that I am looking at another planet gives me a sense of wonder and amazement, contemplating the vastness of the Universe. I have spent my life looking at the stars allowing them to guide me, knowing we are all made of the same “stuff”. Being called a “renegade”, “a free spirit”, someone who has “gone off the deep end”, a “wildflower” I have experienced the World through my own set of curious eyes. Finding my freedom and allowing myself to grow my own set of wings. Like an eagle I fly over everything, watching and observing without judgement and with a deep sense of peace in knowing that we are all one. You are my spirit and I am yours. I will be happy to carry you with unconditional LOVE and I trust... read more

Winter Cultivates Inner Peace and Balance

“From this practice all the obstacles disappear  and simultaneously dawns knowledge  of the inner Self”  ~Yoga Sutras by Sri Swami Satchidananda Winter’s peaceful snow covered earth and the silent death of nature brings forth the opportunity to contemplate your inner self. Sitting by the fire place, watching the flames as they tell you the secrets of life. The long nights sitting in darkness brings the opportunity to tune in, to meditate and listen closely to your body for it is always telling you something. Are you listening? When you get in tune with that cosmic force that brings life into your human form, that beautiful gift of perfection that your truth resides in, you become aware of it’s needs and desires. The voice of your intuitive self speaks softly but in the wintery darkness and with deep purposeful breathing it is easier to hear. Hibernation for me is meditation. A time to take care of my body and bring balance to my physical body as well as my emotional and spiritual body. I ask myself these 5 questions: 1) What am I working on that will bring me closer to my truth? 2) Am I choosing joy in each moment of choice throughout my day? 3) Am I taking care of myself physically, exercising, eating what my body needs? 4) Am I taking time for myself doing what I love to do? 5) Am I breathing deeply and fully with pure intent of bringing life into me? See yourself as the infinite being that you are by taking these long nights enjoying the beautiful darkness that brings forth the... read more

A Heart Gift

When the action you take is taking you toward your authentic self, taking you to a place of joy, there will be no expectation of reward or validation. Your reward will be the joy of the action itself and if you’re listening to your heart, doing what you love to do, everything flows and abundance follows. ~don Jose Ruiz VN:F [1.9.10_1130]Rating: +5 (from 5... read more

Open Up

Wisdom comes in the acceptance of self. When you accept yourself completely, just as you are, then you can completely accept everyone around you. Being what you are not, or what others think you should be takes so much effort. Being what you truly are is so easy and your truth shines bright bringing joy to you and everyone around you. VN:F [1.9.10_1130]Rating: +12 (from 12... read more

Preparation or Deprivation

Preparation is the key to having success when it comes to dieting. If you aren’t prepared, not only will you feel deprived in some circumstances, you may also be more likely to sabotage your hard work in the gym with a burger and fries because you were on the go and forgot to pack a healthy snack. Now what do I mean by feeling deprived? Well, let me give you an example. For the past 5 weeks I have been on a “no sweets diet.” I haven’t had desserts, soda, or sugary drinks of any kind, and I have also been trying to keep my daily, added sugar content of other foods under 24g. It definitely has not been the easiest thing, especially for me, a sugar addict! But the only way I have made it through is by being prepared. Next weekend Shane (my hubbie) and I are going camping. Those of you who go camping know how much junk food there is involved. Not just s’mores but peach cobbler, licorice, soda, you name it! Anyway I have already decided, because I am committed to eating no sweets for three more weeks, to bring along a healthy selection of fruits to keep my mind off of the fact that I can’t eat ooey gooey marshmallows covered in melted chocolate in between two delicious graham crackers. I will be prepared ahead of time so I won’t have to make the decision there. The decision will have already been made. This is an extreme example, but it’s kind of like when you were a teenager and your mom (at least... read more

Thank You…

Thank You… It is with art that I have learned to express myself. Now that I can see with eyes wide open, I too am an artist. The word is everything. Typing away the honesty that I can see. Tying, typing. Meditations of the jaguar seeking and stalking the truth. Learning to live a life of love and light. Careful to seek what is good. Sending love everywhere. Every day I sit for a while watching the wonder of nature surround me with the simplicity of my back yard. Filled with life and the sounds that confirm it. It is today that I am so grateful. Grateful for today. Blessed with the honor to watch Mother Earth surround me with evidence that I am perfect. Although I remember, I still don’t hold on to yesterday. Tomorrow will inevitably come, so I try not to wonder. It is today. Right now. My sight filled with the vision of beauty, color, honesty. Yes, I am perfect. I am light. An eagle that soars to witness magnificence. I am perfect. I am me. And you are you. Perfect in your own journey. And if I should forget, I can just look at you. The brightness that you share reminds me again that I am perfect too. So thank you. For you. VN:F [1.9.10_1130]Rating: +3 (from 3... read more

Divine Breath

The wisp of Sacred Smoke Calling me To slow my world Right down And take a breath And another And yet another. To remember this place Dwelling inside That never leaves me. Breathing in I am Breathing out I have already arrived. VN:F [1.9.10_1130]Rating: +9 (from 9... read more

Let’s Just Play

……when we are totally faithful to our own individuality, we are actually following an intricate design. This kind of freedom is the opposite of “just anything.” ~Stephen Nachmanovitch At a very young age we didn’t have to make a plan or think to create a painting, or a dance or a song, it just burst out of us like steam from a tea kettle, back then we were just playing. As we grow up, we learn that there may be repercussions for our creations such as judgements, opinions, a bad grade, etc. We are taught that we can “do it wrong” and we become afraid of doing it wrong. I watched this in my own children as they grew up going through the typical education system. My son, Kason was in the 6th grade and was taking an art class at the local middle school. He loved to draw, write and create and he had the most wonderful imagination. The teacher gave the children an assignment to draw an animal. So my son with his wonderful imagination not only drew one animal but he proceeded to draw the most amazing picture of many little squirrels running a very intricate nut processing plant. It was a whole squirrel community with many little squirrels doing many little things. There was even two little squirrels dressed in wedding attire getting married by a little squirrel Justice of the Peace. In my opinion the picture was the most imaginative, wonderful representation of “an animal” anyone could have drawn. However, the art teacher (bless her submissive and conformed heart) thought otherwise and not only... read more

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